If you want to have a romantic taste of the Caribbean and Mexico, but get married in the USA, the ‘Sunshine State’ is the state for you. From the tropical Everglades and Universal Studios in Orlando, to the famous shores of Miami and Daytona Beach, getting married in Florida is an unmissable experience. With never-ending sunshine, palm trees, golden sand beaches, state-of-the-art theme parks and museums, Florida Keys weddings are sure to set sparks flying for you and your partner.

Venues in Florida


France is a country that immediately summons images of splendour, opulence and effortless romance. Thanks to its café culture, world-renowned gastronomy and world famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, France is a premier wedding destination. It's easy to be seduced by the lavender fields of Provence, the Alpine peaks of Chamonix and the rolling hills of the Loire Valley. Getting married in France will provide the setting for a true fairy-tale wedding.

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From the Grecian show-stopper of a destination, Athens and Mount Olympus, to Santorini with its famed white washed buildings and scintillating romantic sunsets,  weddings in Greece are nothing short of phenomenal. With Greek mythology and ancient temples, Greece is steeped in history and culture. Romance here can’t be compared to anywhere else and a Greek wedding alongside the beauty of the Ionian Sea is guaranteed to be sensual and picturesque.

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With its alluring appeal, a wedding in India makes for a fantastic destination. From the hustle and bustle of Delhi and the eminence of the Taj Mahal, to the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas and the glorious beaches of Kerala, India continues to amaze and enchant all those who are lucky enough to visit. The sights and smells as one walks down the street, the incredible culinary varieties and the rich cultural history make an Indian wedding experience a vibrant and colourful one. You will create dynamic wedding memories that will last a lifetime.

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From the jungles of Borneo to the infamous sunsets of Bali, you'll be sure to find the destination wedding venue of your dreams in Indonesia. Made up of 17,000 islands and spanning 3000 miles from east to west, couples are hard-pushed to find somewhere with more cultural and spiritual offerings, and many travellers return to experience more of the wildlife and friendly locals each year.

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You can’t forget the enthralling ‘Emerald Isle’ as a wedding destination. Celebrated for its extensive green pastures, shamrocks and pints of Guinness, Ireland is rich in culture and history. An Irish wedding should not be underestimated. Ireland’s main attractions range from its invigorating capital Dublin and bohemian Galway on the west coast, to Killarney National Park and the legendary Giant’s Causeway. The stunning locations in Ireland will not disappoint as a wedding venue, ensuring that weddings in Ireland live up to their reputation. Romantic fairytale weddings that no bridal party will ever forget.

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With romance, history and grandeur oozing out of its every pore, Italy is an irresistible wedding destination. The birthplace of ‘La Dolce Vita’, the country is packed with stunning art, unrivalled cuisine and scenic beauty. From the effortless charm of Tuscany and the enchanting canals of Venice, to the famed Colosseum in Rome and the stunning Amalfi coast, Italy really does deliver. The glitz and glimmer of dreamy Lake Como is another hot-spot for an Italian wedding. You could not get more romantic than a wedding in Italy.

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With pearly beaches and sky-blue waters sprinkled along eastern Africa’s coastline, Kenya oozes old world charm. Famed for its safaris, tribal culture and colonial history, romance is sure to blossom in the midst of wildebeest thundering across the savannah. Kenya weddings are simply divine for those that love animals and the great outdoors. From the Masai Mara National Reserve and Mount Kilimanjaro, to the remarkable Great Rift Valley and Lake Nakuru - famed for its millions of pink flamingos resting across the great African plain, being joined in matrimony with a wedding in Kenya will be a most unforgettable experience.

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Las Vegas

Not only is ‘Sin City’ the ‘entertainment capital of the world’, it is also the ‘wedding capital of the world’. Famed for its glitz and glamour, Las Vegas is full of dazzling casinos, world class shows, incredible gastronomy and fashion outlets. Situated in the sizzling Nevada desert and only five hours drive away from the Grand Canyon, it is packed with its infamous Las Vegas wedding chapels too. If you fancy getting hitched Las Vegas wedding style, the ‘Strip’ definitely has something for everybody.

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With its toothpaste white beaches and turquoise lagoons, the exotic Maldives is one of the most desired wedding destinations in the world. It’s famed for its marine life and coral reefs, with Banana Reef being one of the most leading diving spots in the Indian Ocean. You can see manta rays at Manta Point and spot spinner dolphins and sea turtles. To add a romantic Maldivian touch to your wedding experience, you can even dine underwater at one of the world’s biggest all-glass undersea restaurants. Choosing a Maldives wedding would be a marriage set in paradise.

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