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How to Choose your Destination Wedding

When it comes to selecting the perfect destination for your wedding, having the world at your fingertips can become a little overwhelming. Having an abundance of countries with remarkable venues, from luxurious hotels to secluded retreats, can really send your mind into a whirl, so let us help guide you to your ideal destination.

1. Your first trip together

Think back to the first holiday you took together. Did you head to Paris to take in the sights? Did you get engaged on the winding canals of Venice? Couples sometimes find those romantic days together are something they want to revisit for their wedding day.


2. Family

Many choose to head back to their roots for their destination wedding, looking to spend time amongst their family and friends, whether in Greece, Thailand or Ireland. This also opens up opportunities for couples to include appreciated traditions throughout their wedding, nodding towards their heritage and upbringing.

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3. The Weather

9 out of 10 couples say that weather is a key fact in their decision to marry abroad, whether that’s for glorious sunshine or a winter wonderland. If you’re looking for blue skies and higher temperatures, Mauritius could be the destination for you. With an abundance of private island resorts, you can experience the peace and tranquility whilst basking in the sun. Or perhaps you imagine a crisp, white backdrop whilst you adorn your fur wrap in picturesque Greenland!

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4. The Scenery

The sand between your toes and the sea breeze in your hair as you take a ceremony on the beach, or stunning photographs atop a mountain range. Lose yourself in the African plains in a safari extravaganza or head to the rolling hills of Scotland for a countryside castle wedding. Many exclusive venues around the world have acres of gardens, lakes and land to explore, whilst the exquisite 5 star hotels of Dubai certainly have that wow-factor.

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No one can pick your destination wedding for you – wherever you choose must come from the heart.

For more information on the legalities of marrying in specific countries, visit our legalities page.

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