Sri Lanka

Can I Legally get Married in Sri Lanka?

With it’s stunning beaches and beautiful greenery, Sri Lanka is certainly a versatile island for your destination wedding, whether that be anywhere from Galle to Colombo. The good news is it is very straightforward to tie the knot here. With venues including The Fortress Resort and the Amangalla, it’s the perfect spot for your dream wedding.

In order to obtain your marriage licence you must present the following original documents to the Registrar or Civil Status Officer.

  1. Valid passports
  2. Birth Certificates. If you’ve been adopted then adoption certificates must be shown.
  3. A letter stating your full names, addresses, occupations and the same for both sets of parents.
  4. If you haven’t been married before, you must provide an affidavit declaring you’re free to marry.
  5. Divorce certificate – if applicable.
  6. If you are widowed, you’ll need to present the death certificate of your previous spouse. You will also need to present your previous marriage certificate.
  7. For any name changes made by deed poll then legal proof must be shown, stamped and signed by a solicitor.




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