Ciara Jørgensen

A Bride Abroad was set up by Ciara Jørgensen to help couples planning their dream weddings in Ireland but from a distant shore. With all the complex elements of planning a wedding outside your own country  Ciara will help you navigate the wed-ministration, venue sourcing, celebrant booking, supplier searching, negotiations and keep everything on track and on budget. Working with a wedding planner that knows the region will serve you well.

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"Ciara was a huge help to us right from the first moment we contacted her. We knew we wanted to get married somewhere in the west of Ireland but as the groom-to-be was based in Dubai it made looking for venues together very difficult! We told Ciara exactly what we were looking for in a venue and she came back to us with detailed options of several places she felt would be a good fit. She broke every venue down by decor, atmosphere, size, cost, and her own first-hand experience. It saved us so much legwork. We chose Castlemartyr in Co Cork and Ciara guided us through the booking process, offering insight into the various add-on options we would, or indeed wouldn't, require. Knowing that she had helped so many other couples navigate all the choices really put our minds at ease and we felt confident we were getting the best package available. Her work didn't stop with the venue though! As we were traveling to get married and neither of us knew the local area well, Ciara stepped in to source local vendors for flowers, beauty salons, and even a band. By the time our wedding day arrived, we both felt comfortable and prepared. Every little detail had been carefully considered and checked off Ciara's list. She worked brilliantly with our families on the day to calm any nerves and just knowing she was on-hand offered us both such peace of mind".

Some kind words from Jennifer and Keith

"If you're trying to plan your wedding from abroad, we can't recommend A Bride Abroad enough. Working with Ciara meant we could really enjoy the lead-up to the wedding and we'd recommend her without hesitation to any couple planning their special day. "I just want to express how grateful I am to be in contact with you Ciara in helping us plan our wedding from Oz!!! You have done all the ground work for us in sourcing a suitable venue & putting us in contact with a great band & photographer. Relying on your down to earth attitude & unbiased advice has been amazing help! Definitely the biggest challenge being a bride abroad is the time difference! Emails & viber calls from you were brilliant!I cannot but recommend you to all brides abroad struggling to plan their dream day!"

Best wishes Lorraine x

"My fiancé Mark and I planned our wedding in Ireland but we were based in the UK for most of the week. I was in Dublin at the weekends but as our wedding venue was Adare Manor in County Limerick it was difficult to get back and forth every weekend as I was also trying to find the perfect dress, bridesmaid dresses etc. in Dublin. Ciara was an amazing help to both of us. Not only could she help advise on music for the wedding, bands for the reception, the best place to source flowers locally etc. saving on costs. However, more importantly, she was an incredible source of support for both of us and could see when we were getting stressed on the little things and not focusing on the big picture. I had some very particular ideas! I really wanted the perfect Christmas wedding and had an idea to have miniature Christmas trees at the entrance of the church. Ciara made it happen and also had the idea to use battery operated fairy lights to enhance them even further. I also wanted to wear a particular nail varnish but could not source it anyplace. Ciara managed to do that also. The table plan was also a logistical nightmare as I had a particular seating plan in mind where each man sat opposite a lady on a very long table but I had one man extra… but Ciara really helped us with that and we placed our extra man - the Priest at the very head of the long table – genius. We would have no hesitation in recommending Ciara, her professionalism and attention to detail is superb, that coupled with her infections enthusiasm make her the ideal wedding professional."

Mark and Niamh, UK

"As we live in Bermuda but are originally from Ireland we had a clear vision of what we wanted our big day to be but needed someone on the ground to act as a reliable arbiter of our expectations.We found Ciara immediately dependable and responsive. She 'got' what we were after and turned out to be invaluable in vetting venues, helping us choose a band, source a cake, find the right church, make contact with the priest and get information on local B&B?s for guests not staying at the castle ? all the things we could not physically do ourselves. For example, we narrowed our choice of venue down to 4 castles all of which Ciara either had been to or was able to view on our behalf and give honest, unbiased feedback on. We had been recommended a band by some friends so we asked Ciara to attend one of their gigs and report back. She loved them, we used them and they proved to be a huge hit with all the guests. We wanted a biscuit cake designed in a very modern style, again Ciara sourced the right person to make this at a reasonable price. One of the big issues we faced was the time difference of 4 hours between Bermuda and Ireland so contacting service providers was a challenge to us that Ciara was able to navigate. Being local and on the ground was a major assistance. Her enthusiasm is infectious and there is no doubt that she has a passion for her role. It is also clear that she has a genuine interest in making every aspect of the wedding a success, you could describe her as an extra bridesmaid! We have no problem in wholeheartedly recommending the services of A Bride abroad."

Elaine and David - Bermuda

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