Wedding Concepts

Wedding Concepts

Wedding Concepts, South Africa’s leading wedding planning and management team believes that, as with all acts of creation, wedding planning involves passion, knowledge and love. Combine our passionate commitment to personal service, in-depth knowledge of the industry and an immense appreciation of the Western Cape, and the wedding days we co-create become magical. This is what sets us aside as superior. We don’t coordinate weddings – we manage the process whereby vision and dream become a tacit reality.  With our time-proven expertise, we provide the spark that ignites the imaginations of our clients.

Dedicated to the art of distinctive celebrations. From the Cape’s world-renowned wine estates, pristine beaches of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans, to exclusive hotels and marquees based all over South Africa, Wedding Concepts constantly searches for the country’s most unique venues. We orchestrate bespoke destination weddings, ranging from small and intimate gatherings to large, festive celebrations.

With over 70 percent of our clientele residing in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and the USA, our ongoing quest is to co-coordinate weddings that are as good as the best anywhere. And we do. In the true South African pioneering spirit, we continuously set new trends – fusing African heritage with the latest happenings from around the globe.  


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