Asia has something to suit all tastes and budget for your dream wedding. Asia is a continent with spirituality, intrigue and a sense of adventure running through its veins that is unquestionably vibrant and alluring in equal measure. From the hustle and manic bustle of Bangkok or Delhi, to the snow-capped soaring peaks of the Himalayas, the wild jungles of Vietnam or the futuristic hub of Tokyo – the diversity is staggering when it comes to getting married in Asia. There is too much to explore in Asia in a lifetime, but by selecting the right destination, you can extract the best from this enchanting continent and choose the dream wedding destination thereafter.


With its alluring appeal, a wedding in India makes for a fantastic destination. From the hustle and bustle of Delhi and the eminence of the Taj Mahal, to the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas and the glorious beaches of Kerala, India continues to amaze and enchant all those who are lucky enough to visit. The sights and smells as one walks down the street, the incredible culinary varieties and the rich cultural history make an Indian wedding experience a vibrant and colourful one. You will create dynamic wedding memories that will last a lifetime.

Venues in India


From the jungles of Borneo to the infamous sunsets of Bali, you'll be sure to find the destination wedding venue of your dreams in Indonesia. Made up of 17,000 islands and spanning 3000 miles from east to west, couples are hard-pushed to find somewhere with more cultural and spiritual offerings, and many travellers return to experience more of the wildlife and friendly locals each year.

Venues in Indonesia

Sri Lanka

This beautiful island is located in the Indian sea in South Asia, offering all you could ever need for a wedding on a paradise island. The crystal clear waters and warm climate pair together for the perfect beach wedding, but if you're looking for something different then head to the hills and tie the knot in one of the luscious tea plantations.

Venues in Sri Lanka


From the exotic streets of Bangkok to the tropical beaches of Koh Samui and Phuket, Thailand is the perfect wedding destination. With its rich culture and heritage, it’s not hard to see why Thailand is the number one tourist location in South-East Asia. Not only does the country boast a spicy feast of Thai delights, magnificent gold temples and breath-taking beaches and jungles, the rustic mountains of Chiang Mai also offer the perfect setting for getting married in Thailand. You are sure to have the wedding experience of your dreams.

Venues in Thailand


Attracting millions of visitors every year, the colonial French and Asian heritage of Vietnam is but one feature that makes the country an ever-increasing popular wedding destination. Vietnam boasts jungle-covered mountains, ancient temples and tranquil beaches. From the enamouring sea views of Ha Long Bay and the secluded Mekong Delta, to the buzzing Ho Chi Minh City and vibrant Hanoi, Vietnam is the perfect romantic escape for your dream wedding.

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