Why should I have a wedding celebrant?

Why do I need a celebrant for my destination wedding? If you’ve been looking at getting married abroad you will have noticed the different legislations for foreign nationals marrying abroad. This is often paired with lots of paperwork and time, or is simply not possible at all. Incorporating a celebrant into your service solves these …

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Beach Wedding

What to Wear to a Beach Wedding

You’ve settled on your beach wedding and planning is underway. Whether you’re the bride, groom or guest, deciding on your attire for the day to suit both your setting and your personal style can sometimes be difficult to choose.One of the most popular styles for a beach wedding is the long, Grecian gown. Often made from a floating chiffon fabric to catch the ocean breeze it really does suit the peaceful surroundings of the ceremony. Why not try out a simpler bridal gown, free from details and distractions so you, as the bride, are the focus, not the dress. Having a beach wedding as your setting can provide such stunning views, and a crisp, white outfit will welcome your guests into a more intimate ceremony.

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