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Changing to my married name – before or after my destination wedding?

If you’re planning to change your name after getting married and you’re planning a destination wedding, it’s important to think about the logistics of changing your name. To avoid problems on your return, your flights, visa, credit cards and passport must all be in the same name.It is possible to change the name on your passport three months before your wedding ceremony; however, your passport will only be valid after the date of the ceremony. So if you’re planning on legally marrying in the UK before heading abroad, you could change your name on your passport and fly with your new, married name. However, it’s important to remember that certain countries won’t issue visas for post-dated passports, so ensure that you’ve researched this beforehand. If you do change your name before the destination wedding, it’s essential that you have all of your flights and accommodation booked with the new name.

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