Getting Married in Marrakech, Morocco

Thanks to its incredible culture, venues and food, Marrakech is one of the hottest up-and-coming wedding destinations in the world. We spoke to Bruce Russell, international wedding planner with a team based in Morocco, to get his recommendations on marrying in Marrakech… Marrakech is one of those destinations that just sounds exotic.  Saying the city’s …

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Getting married in Morocco

Moroccan weddings are amongst the most enchanting in the world. From snake-charmers to belly-dancers, the opulence of the North African ceremony has become iconic, engendering it with a bewitching attraction for couples seeking a truly exotic destination wedding.or those desiring decadence, it is hard to beat the ceremonies of Morocco. Brides are carried on thrones, heralded by trumpeters. Acrobats perform implausible feats to traditional folk songs. Succulent tagines and fresh mezze platters create sumptuous feasts, making traditional dishes ideal for large wedding banquets.

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