The Legalities

Getting Married in Abu Dhabi

Getting married in Abu Dhabi is not easy unless one of you is a resident. That said there are lots of wonderful venues where you can throw the most incredible celebration.

Getting married in Australia

Getting married in Australia is actually much easier than most people think. The only legal requirements apart from documentation such as passport and birth certificates, are that you must put forward a ‘Notice of Intended Marriage’ (NIM) with your partner a minimum of one month prior to the date of your wedding.

Getting married in Austria

Getting married in Austria is relatively straight forward as there is no minimum residency period but the most important thing to bear in mind is that only civil ceremonies are legally recognised here. You must file your marriage application, no more than 6 months before your wedding day, at the main registry office in Vienna …

Getting married in Botswana

A destination wedding in Botswana, surrounded by nature, would be an unforgettably magical experience. Thankfully, marrying in this beautiful country is not as difficult as you might think, just make sure that all of your documents are correct before you set off as you can only apply for a Special Marriage Licence once you have arrived in the country.

Getting married in California

Tying the knot in California is a simple process. The most important thing to organise is ensuring you have all the correct documents for the Marriage Licence for the County Clerk. As long as you are organised, marrying in California should be stress-free and straightforward.

Getting married in Cyprus

Cyprus is relatively straightforward when it comes to legal wedding requirements. You need to be resident in Cyprus for three working days prior to your wedding if you apply for the Special Licence. If you don’t apply for the Special Licence, you will need to be resident in Cyprus for 20 days and there needs to be 15 clear days after you submit your Notice of Marriage before your wedding.

Getting married in Dubai

It is slightly difficult to legally marry in Dubai, but not impossible. You and your partner do have to be residents in the United Arab Emirates for a legal wedding to take place. You will also have to provide an affidavit document that proves that you can both legally wed. This document will be valid for 3 months after it is authorised, so everything will need to be organised and book well in advance. 

Getting married in Florida

Tying the knot in Florida & Miami, like the rest of the US, is straight-forward and easy. You just need to make sure all of your documents are correct before you fly there to avoid complications later on. As Florida is such a popular wedding destination, we also recommend booking your venue well in advance!

Getting married in France

Generally, we would not recommend getting married in France as the whole process is lengthy and extremely time consuming. if you’re a non-resident, it is still possible to get married in France, but the legal requirements are different. We suggest formally tying the knot in your home country, and then enjoying a wedding celebration in France thereafter. 

Getting married in Greece

Greek wedding legalities can be a bit drawn-out. You are likely to have a waiting period depending on the locality and type of marriage and you can expect the process to take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. You will also need to obtain a marriage licence and a copy of a newspaper notice of intent to marry is required.