The Legalities


Greek wedding legalities can be a bit drawn-out. You are likely to have a waiting period depending on the locality and type of marriage and you can expect the process to take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. You will also need to obtain a marriage licence and a copy of a newspaper notice of intent to marry is required.


India is a difficult country to marry in because you have to have been living in India for at least 30 days before the ceremony to tie the knot. Equally, there is then a 30 day waiting period once your application has been accepted. This means the whole process will take at least 2 months whilst living in India.


Thankfully, the legal requirements for getting married in Ireland are much simpler than it is for other countries. An important step that you’ll need to carry out is to send a written notice to your Irish district’s wedding registrar notifying them of your plans to wed. This needs to be done at least three months before the wedding takes place. With your partner, you’ll also need to be residing in Ireland for 15 days prior to getting married. 


It pays to do your research when trying to marry in Italy as it can be a long process. It is by no means impossible though and you will need to make contact with the local commune before you make any plans. Legally, you need to start this no sooner than six months prior to the wedding date.


For a legal overseas Kenyan wedding to take place, you have to give 21 days’ notice before your wedding to apply for the Ordinary Licence in person. However, if you can’t do this, you can apply for the Special Licence, which requires you to be residing in the country for at least 4 days before the wedding. There are other requirements and we have the rest of the legal information here.

Las Vegas

As expected, Vegas is one of the easiest cities to get married in the world. Nonetheless, there are still legal steps that you need to take prior to the wedding. The most important step is that you have the necessary paperwork such as a valid passport, birth certificate and the completion of a marriage licence application. We have the rest of the legal information for you here.


Getting married in Mauritius is pretty easy but there are a number of administrative details that you need to take into consideration. The most important step is that Mauritian authorities require you and your partner to have your birth certificates re-issued and dated within three months of your wedding date.


The legal process for overseas weddings in Mexico is more complicated than it is for other countries, but it can be done. We’ve simplified the process for you here and there are strict protocols that you’ll need to follow such as acquiring a Certificate of No Impediment and contacting the Mexican Embassy. Similarly, you and your partner may have to get blood tests in order to prove that neither of you have an STD. 


Getting married legally in Montenegro is a relatively simple process. For a legal overseas wedding to take place, you will need the required paperwork. This paperwork includes passport copies for the bride, groom and witnesses, birth certificates and single status documents also known as a ‘Certificate of Non Impediments’. The latter will need to be issued three to six months before the marriage takes place.


Morocco is not the easiest country to marry in. You will have to sift through the paperwork such as the affidavit of intent to marry and organise police and medical record checks in order to tie the knot in this majestic country. We suggest allowing a few months to organise the whole process successfully.

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